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Five Holiday Gift Ideas That Run on the Sun

At Veteran Energy, we’re always looking for ways to save you time and money. So, with the holiday season right around the corner, we thought we’d highlight a few gift items that do just that with the power of the sun.

Here are five great solar-powered gift ideas:

Garden robot. Franklin Robotics has created a small, wheeled robot that helps remove weeds from the garden. The Tertill, as it’s known, is solar powered and uses a small version of a weed whacker on its tiny undercarriage to chop unwanted seedlings down before they can become a problem. Specially angled wheels help prevent the Tertill from getting stuck in soft garden soil.

Window blinds. Advertised as the world’s first solar blinds, SolarGaps’ clever energy savers automatically track the sun as it moves, helping keep your home cool and producing electricity at the same time. Each window kit, custom built to your window’s measurements, can be installed in less than an hour. They come ready to plug into your home’s grid and can be controlled with your smartphone or Google Home.

Bike locks. It’s hard to imagine why you’d need a solar-powered bike lock, much less one that has anything to do with electricity. Nevertheless, companies such as Lattice have found a great way to combine security and sun power. The company’s Ellipse model is keyless and can be locked or unlocked with the touch of a button on your smartphone. It’ll also send you alerts if someone’s tampering with your bike. And because the sun powers it, you’ll never have to charge it up—as long as you don’t lock your bike up in the shade.

Address sign. Make sure no one misses your home at night again with a lighted address sign. And with one that’s solar powered, it won’t cost you a dime in electricity. Eye pleasing and relatively inexpensive, lighted address signs such as the ones built by companies such as Collections Etc. will make your address visible on even the darkest of nights.

Child’s play. Solar toys are a great way to gets kids inspired. They can be educational and fun at the same time. And with toys such as 4M’s Solar Rover, kids learn more about science and get to experience how the sun’s energy can be used to move mechanical parts and even power our daily lives.