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Veteran Energy Says Hello to Combined Arms

We’re pleased to share an exciting Affinity Partner update with you! Lone Star Veterans Association, a long-time Veteran Energy Affinity Partner, has now merged with fellow Houston organization Combined Arms.

Combined Arms will continue with the same events and services LSVA has always done. The merger came about when the two organizations realized how much their missions overlapped. Combining forces was a great way to make operations more efficient and make their dollars and manpower go even further.

Combined Arms serves as a one-stop shop for veterans, military members and their families in the Houston area. They work to help coordinate and streamline various services available to the veteran and military community. In a city with an estimated 300,000 veterans, the group’s overall aim is to make it as easy as possible for our country’s heroes to make a successful transition back to civilian life.

In addition, Combined Arms operates a facility that houses several veteran support groups, including LSVA, which had already been one of their member organizations. The merger had been in the works for nearly a year, and folks from both groups say it’s made the two (now one) organizations stronger.

At Veteran Energy, we’re proud to welcome this group as our newest Affinity Partner, and the funds we previously gave to LSVA will now go directly to Combined Arms. We rely on terrific groups such as them to make a positive difference in the veteran and military community, and we’re looking forward to the great things Combined Arms can do with the added strength of LSVA behind them.