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Veteran Energy Hits $500K With The Power to Give Back™

Today, we’re excited to announce The Power to Give Back™ program just hit the $500,000 mark!

Veteran Energy started in 2010 with the idea that we’d not only offer competitive electricity rates and great service but that we’d also do something special for our nation’s heroes. It’s a subject we’re passionate about.

We call that passion The Power to Give Back™, a program where we give back a portion of our customers’ bills to Affinity Partners that support veteran and military communities.

These partners were chosen for their special ability to do great things. And when you join the Veteran Energy family, you get to choose which of them we give back to—and that continues for the life of your account.

So, maybe it’s Paws for Heroes, a group that pairs trained companion animals with veterans who’ll do better with a furry friend. Or maybe it’s Fisher House Foundation, a group that builds homes near hospitals so sick or injured veterans and their families can recover together in comfort free of charge, even when far from home. Our partner Lone Survivor Foundation helps injured veterans and military members heal emotionally through therapy and retreats. Lone Star Veterans Association has built a community that helps returning veterans transition back to civilian life, and the Texas VFW Foundation helps veterans and their families deal with immediate needs such as housing and health care.

To all the great customers, partners, vendors and employees who have made this milestone of $500,000 a reality, thank you. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of the men and women who risk it all to protect the American way of life. We’re forever grateful to have come this far, and we’re looking forward to the next milestone.