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Celebrating Canine Caregivers on National Dog Day

August 26 is National Dog Day, a time to celebrate all of our four-legged friends for the many gifts they bring to our world.

Dogs can boost our moods, offering companionship and encouraging us to get out and get active. They can ease stress and anxiety—even petting one can lower your blood pressure. And they can be trained to protect us and help us out with everyday tasks around the home or at the grocery store.

It’s easy to see why they’ve been our best friends for thousands of years. But many, unwanted in shelters, never get that chance.

This week, we’re offering some resources for Texas veterans and military members wanting to add a little canine companionship to their lives. These organizations train dogs to serve as companion animals or service dogs, pairing them up with deserving veterans to aide with physical mobility issues or such conditions as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD. And some of the helpful hounds are even rescued from shelters.

Paws for Heroes: Houston, TX, (832) 844-6466
Paws for Heroes—a Veteran Energy Affinity Partner—rescues shelter dogs and trains them as companion animals to help veterans living with PTSD—all at no cost to the veteran.

Give Us Paws: Houston, TX, (281) 509-9309
Give Us Paws provides free in-home training of dogs as service animals for veterans coping with TBI, PTSD and physical mobility issues.

Paws for Purple Hearts: San Antonio, TX, (707) 238-5110
Paws for Purple Hearts offers service dog training and canine-assisted therapy programs for veterans.

Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas: Kerryville, TX, (830) 253-5141
Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas trains dogs for free to help disabled Texas veterans living with physical disabilities, TBI, PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma.

Patriot Paws Service Dog Organization: Rockwall, TX, (972) 772-3282
Patriot Paws Service Dog Organization trains and provides service dogs at no cost to U.S. veterans with physical disabilities and PTSD.

Hounds for Heroes—The Dog Alliance: Cedar Park, TX, (512) 335-7100
Hounds for Heroes trains service dogs for disabled Texas veterans at no cost to veterans. These dogs can help with panic disorders, PTSD, depression and physical mobility issues.

DFW Canines for Veterans: Mansfield, TX, (682) 304-4310
DFW Canines for Veterans trains service dogs for combat veterans living with TBI and PTSD—90% of dogs are rescued from shelters.

Operation Overwatch: Bandera, TX, (888) 822-1775
Operation Overwatch offers service dog training for veterans and first responders living with TBI, PTSD and physical mobility issues.

At Veteran Energy, we know how important dogs can be in the life of a veteran or military member, and we’re glad there are so many great groups providing the skills and training these dogs need to make the difference only they can make. Happy National Dog Day.